Sawing For Schools and Lumber To Legacy: Keeping Native Trees and Woodworking Alive in Oregon

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(c) Vicky Hollenbeck, Corvallis, OR

Some things catch our attention as precious and worthy of preserving.  Native Oregon White Oak habitat is one such thing.  Another is the value of wood working in public education.

There is a growing group of educators, conservationists, and professional wood workers coming together to keep these resources alive in our state, and even extending beyond our border to others who value trees and fine woodworking.

Two programs sponsored by Albany, Oregon Parks and Recreation are Sawing For Schools and Lumber to Legacy.

Sawing For Schools

Sawing For Schools is a program that brings together tree conservationists, woodworking professionals, students, and educators to mill donated logs for use in high school wood shop classes.  In fall of 2013, eight Oregon white oak trees aged 150 to 270 years old from the original Hackleman Grove were removed for a commercial development project in Albany, Oregon and donated to the program.  Community wood millers and shop teachers from South Albany and West Albany High Schools mentored students in the milling of these logs into workable lumber.

From Lumber To Legacy

The student-sawn lumber was donated to the Lumber To Legacy program.  The wood was distributed to fine woodworkers throughout Oregon and beyond to craft into fine furniture, jewelry boxes, bowls and other items.  These products will be sold at auction and the proceeds put back into Oregon white oak savannah habitat restoration in the Willamette Valley and to high school wood shop programs.  Below is just one example of a piece of fine woodworking, a chair created by students under the mentorship of Gary Rogowski at his Northwest Woodworking Studio

Photo Credit: Gary RogowskiPhoto Credit: Gary Rogowski

Photo Credit: Gary Rogowski


Live and Silent Auctions Benefit

November 9th, 2014  5:30-8:30 pm

The Wheelhouse Events Center, Albany, OR

Tickets go on sale October 13

For more information visit the Lumber To Legacy website.


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