In Search of Stanley Kubrick

October 24, 2014  •  6 Comments

We all hear about sacred rules in being 'don't center the subject'.  But the incredible director Stanley Kubrick almost couldn't stay away from the One Point Perspective, where an image is very symmetric and all lines lead to a single point. 

This video is a very nice walk through Kubrick's One Point Perspective scenes throughout his movie career.  They are very familiar to me, being an avid fan of the creative talent of Kubrick. 

Many people aren't aware of this, but did you know that Kubrick started as a photographer and was quite talented, launched to fame by a photo he took for Look Magazine?  And he was also a phenomenal street photographer?

With that...I have decided to make my current project One Point Perspective.  It appeals to the side of me that likes geometry in images, and I already have a few in my collection...perhaps a subconscious desire to be more like the wonderful Stanley Kubrick.

I leave you with a few images of mine that already fit Kubrick's One Point Perspective style.  Stay tuned for more additions to this project.

(c) Vicky Hollenbeck, Corvallis, OR


(c) Vicky Hollenbeck, Corvallis, OR


(c) Vicky Hollenbeck, Corvallis, OR (c) Vicky Hollenbeck, Corvallis, OR





Vicky Hollenbeck Photography
Hi Tamara,

Thanks for the visit and I'm glad you like this project. It can be a challenge finding the right opportunities to compose these, but they're out there!
Tamara Muldoon(non-registered)
Interesting concept and I love the photos.
Vicky Hollenbeck Photography
Hey Tricia! Thanks so much for taking a look and for the compliments! So far, I've found it very challenging to purposefully go out and take photos with this perspective in mind...but a challenge is a good thing, no?
Tricia Seabold(non-registered)
What a great project Vicky! And wonderful bw's.
Vicky Hollenbeck Photography
Yes, that was a great day in Liverpool my friend. Thanks for taking a look :)
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